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Within the BSACI we have a ‘Nurses in Allergy Group’ which was set up in 2005.

We are nurses who work and have specialist expertise, knowledge and interest in allergy. It is our mission to improve and extend the quality of nursing care of patients with allergic disease. We aim to collaborate with other professional bodies and voluntary patient groups to raise awareness and understanding of allergy and its management.

Our objective for the BSACI is to act as a resource for nurses working in the field of allergy and to assist in the development of nurses new to the specialism to improve skills  and competence in this area.  Allergy is an area where the MDT approach can be used to the maximum and the group allows nurses to input into developing guidelines and policy within the BSACI.

We have an expert committee of nurses which meets 3 times per year, to discuss nursing issues in the field of allergy. Many of our committee members feed into other national groups, e.g. Royal College of Nursing Immunology & Allergy Group, National Allergy Advisory Group (NAAG).

We maintain a database of nurses working in allergy and aim to circulate any new information or proposed information for comments. We also have a section within Update that nurses can use to exchange information.

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