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In 2004 BSACI set up the Standards of Care Committee to develop guidelines for use in secondary care by both adult physicians and paediatricians practising allergy. SOCC also leads on national allergy audits and is involved in the development of SOPs. The committee's chair is Dr Andrew Clark. The committee currently consists of 16 members including allergy specialists, paediatric allergists and immunologists and is supported by Dr. Maryam Shayeghi the BSACI research officer who is a staff member of BSACI head office. SOCC also interacts with and supports the BSACI primary care working group in the development of allergy guidelines for primary care. The constitution of the Standards of Care Committee can be downloaded here (31kb). To learn more about the present members of the Standards of Care Committee please scroll down the page.

Published guidelines are freely accessible to BSACI members via the guidelines webpage. All guidelines since 2007 have also been made freely available on the Clinical and Experimental Allergy website. 

Members of the Standards of Care Committee take it in turns to make recommendations on recent published articles, studies and guidelines relating to the latest BSACI guideline. The current entry on Food allergy can be found here: SOCC recommends...

The committee is open to suggestions for future guidelines and nominations from interested BSACI members who may wish to participate in the process of future guideline development. Please address any enquiries or suggestions to

All suggestions and nominations will be discussed by the SOCC. Present members are: Andrew Clark (chair), Liz Angier, Nicola Brathwaite, Tina Dixon, Stephen Durham, Pamela Ewan, Sophie Farooque, Rubaiyat Haque, Thirumala Krishna, Susan Leech, David Luyt, Rita Mirakian, Shuaib Nasser, Richard Powell and Stephen Till

The work undertaken by the SOCC, the guideline group members and the lay person(s) is on an honorary basis although expenses to attend meetings are funded by the Society. The Society does not seek external funding for the production of its guidelines. 

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