Guidance on EpiPen Shortage in the UK


As you are aware there have been a lot of events relating to allergy that have taken place in the news recently as well as details relating to the current shortage in the UK of Epipens, especially the Epipen Junior which is having an effect on all stocks of auto injectors in the UK.   In relation to the Epipen shortage BSACI and our partner patient organisations have been working with Jacqueline Cornish, National Clinical Director for Children at NHSE, to draft clinical advice for both prescribers and patients to help inform the NHSE response to the situation.
Below are papers which we hope will be of help and the latest advice that has been issued by the Department of Health, based on the advice we provided.

BSACI Guideline-Prescribing an Adrenaline Auto-injector

EpiPen and EpiPen Junior Schools Guidance

Evidence for Epipen 0.3mg autoinjector. Simons et al.

Natasha-LAPEROUSE-2018-0279 Coroner report

SDA Junior Epipen Shortage 15.10.2018

Supply Disruption Alert 15.10.001(U)


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