Vacancies on Specialist Commissioning CRGs & Working Groups


Applications are now open for clinical membership and chair positions across the range of the Specialised Commissioning Clinical Reference Groups. The roles are being advertised as part of the regular three-year review of the role, function and structure of CRGs and aim to give doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and other NHS staff with a clinical background the opportunity to influence and shape the delivery of specialised services on a national scale. As part of the review, a new register has also been launched, allowing clinical staff to register their interest in taking part in future working groups.  

CRGs are the key source of clinical leadership and advice for specialised services, which are directly funded and commissioned by NHS England and support people with a range of rare and complex conditions. They connect policy work and clinical community work, leading on the development of clinical commissioning policies and service specifications and providing advice on innovation to deliver improvements for patients and reduce variation. They bring together clinicians, patients and public, as well as affiliated representatives from key organisations to help ensure changes involve and are supported by all stakeholders. 

 The posts that are open for applications are:

  • CRG Chairs
  • CRG Members
  • Clinical Policy Leads
  • Clinical Policy Fellows 

The CRGs recruiting are:

Specialised Respiratory

Adult Critical Care

Specialised ENT & Ophthalmology


Specialised Surgery in Childhood

Paediatric Medicine

Paediatric Neurosciences

Congenital Heart Services

Metabolic Disorders

Paediatric Intensive Care

Neonatal Critical Care           

Specialised Women’s Services

Gender Identity Services (adults and children)

Blood & Bone Marrow Transplantation

Specialised Blood Disorders 


Infectious Diseases


Immunology and Allergy

Specialised Pain

Hepatobiliary and Pancreas

Specialised Endocrinology

Specialised Vascular

Cardiac Services

Renal Services

Specialised Colorectal Services

Specialised Dermatology

Specialised Rheumatology



Specialised Cancer Surgery

Children and Young People Cancer

Specialised Mental Health

Adult Secure

CAMHS (Tier 4)

Perinatal Mental Health

Rehabilitation & Disability

Major Trauma & Burns

Spinal Services


The roles will commence over the coming months in a staggered approach and continue for three years, with annual reviews. Closing dates are 22 March for CRG chairs and 10 April for other roles. 

For more information on the roles and how to apply please go to To receive an information pack and application details for the roles and the register, please send an email to A role discussion can be arranged on request with James Palmer, Medical Director, Specialised Services, NHS England.


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