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Pollen Food Syndrome webinar

Following the recent publication of the ‘Guideline for the the diagnosis and management of Pollen Food/Oral Allergy Syndrome’, BSACI held a webinar on Thursday 13th October on this topic with Q&A opportunities, open to both BSACI members and non-members. The recording is available to view below.

Epidemiology – Prof George Du Toit
Diagnosis – clinical history, standard allergy tests, CRD, oral food challenge – Dr Kostadin Stoenchev
Management – medication, dietary management, immunotherapy – Dr Isabel Skypala
Patient perspective- anxiety around which foods will trigger symptoms, quality of life, need for individualized advice – Sarah Baker

Penicillin allergy de-labelling webinar

Details to follow.

BSACI would like to thank ALK Abello and Thermo Fisher for supporting for our webinars.

BSACI Global Allergy Online Symposium 2023

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