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Children's Hospital for Wales and Llandough Hospitals - Paediatric Allergy Service

Children's Service Service Offered
Are children seen by the clinic? Yes
If yes who are they seen by? Paediatrician (General)
Adult physician (allergist): Yes
Adult physician (general): No
Paediatric allergist: No
General paediatrician: Yes
Services Service Offered
Asthma Children only
Urticaria / Angioedema Children only
Eczema Children only
Rhinitis Children only
General Anaesthetic Allergy
Children only
Anaphylaxis Children only
Drug Allergy with Challenge Children only
Drug Allergy without Challenge Children only
Food Allergy Children only
Venom Allergy Children only
Latex Allergy Children only
Occupational Allergy None
Desensitisation / Immunotherapy Children only
Military Referrals
Is Immunotherapy available for?
Pollen Yes
Non pollen inhalants (e.g. dust mite/cat)
Venom Yes
What routes of immunotherapy are available?
Sublingual Only
Regular Challenge Sessions Children only
Regular Day Sessions None
Lead Consultant Specialism
Dr. David Tuthill Paediatrician
Consultants Specialism
Dr. Tariq El Shanawany Immunologist
Dr. John Thompson
Dr. Jenny Hughes
Dr. Manju Kalavala
Dr. Ru Katagampolu
Lead Doctor Specialism
Doctors Specialism
Lead Health Care Professional Specialism
Sr. E Spear Allergy Nurse
Health Care Professionals working in the clinic Specialism
Sr. Ruth  Powell Allergy Nurse
Sr. Jess Pritcher
Allergy Nurse
Sr. Anne Jenkins
Allergy Nurse
Ms. Carolyn Powell
Ms. Sian Evans
Sr. Sue Lewis
Allergy Nurse
More Information

Regular clinics are held for children with asthma, eczema. hay fever and food allergies. These are led by very experienced paediatric and nurse specialists. Immediate allergy(IgE) skin prick tests are available. Less frequent joint dermatology, drug allergy and allergy with an immunologist clinics are also provided. Food and drug challenges are performed in the children's hospital. Some sublingual immunotherapy is available.

Contact details:

Paediatric Allergy Service
Children's Hospital for Wales and Llandough Hospitals
Penlan Road
CF64 2XX

Clinics Direct Number:

0292 071 5531

Appointments Line:

0292 071 5531


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