Paediatric Resources

Paediatric guidelines are produced by the BSACI Paediatric Committee in conjunction with the BSACI Standards of Care Committee.

The following guidelines developed by other organisations may be useful for the management of children with allergic conditions:

  • 2020 Influenza vaccine recommendations for children with egg allergy

    Ovalbumin content of influenza vaccines for the 2014/15 influenza season can be taken from the Table published in the Green book Chapter 19 pages 210-212. The 2020 ovalbumin content can be found here

Allergic rhinoconjunctivitis



Drug and Latex Allergy


  • NICE: Atopic eczema in children guidelines
  • RCPCH: Allergy Care Pathways for Children – Eczema

Food Allergy



Venom Allergy

  • RCPCH: Allergy Care Pathways for Children – Venom Allergy 2011
Standards for paediatric allergy services in secondary care  
  • Nurses in Allergy Group: Protocol for Paediatric Skin Prick Testing compiled by Rosemary King (Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust) – reviewed by the Standards of Care Committee (SOCC)
  • BSACI: Standards for Paediatric Services in Secondary Care

Funding to minimize future deaths from Anaphylaxis

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