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The Northern Paediatric Allergy Group (NPAG)

Northern Paediatric Allergy Group (NPAG)

The NORTHERN Paediatric Allergy Group (NPAG) invites membership from all over the North East, Cumbria and areas above Harrogate. The group started in 2009 and includes membership from all secondary and tertiary paediatric allergy services in the North of England. The professionals interested in paediatric allergy meet every 3 months on a “roadshow” basis around North east, Northumbria and Cumbria regions.

The aims of the group include:

1.    To have an active allergy “network” within the region and beyond
2.    To have a unified approach in raising the profile of Paediatric 
       Allergy Services in the region
3.    To create uniformity of guidelines by reviewing the individual 
       and trust service working practice       
4.    To develop local guidelines alongside common evidence 
       based agreed guidelines and protocols
5.    To clarify the type of allergy work each centre will undertake and maintain expertise
6.    To provide allergy training and education to juniors doctors, general paediatricians, 
       allergists, dieticians and nurses
7.    To promote education CME in paediatric allergy through the allergy eModule, 
       conferences,topic presentations and case discussions  
8.    To promote research in the region and collaborate in phase I,II and III clinical trials

The NPAG group have an annual Education and research Conference day in February as is open to all who wish to attend. Abstracts, poster presentations and lectures are welcome from all regions and promote close collaboration with our neighbours in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Manchester and Scotland.

For further details please contact :

Chair           Dr Louise Michaelis, Consultant Paediatric Immunology and Allergy, 
     Great North Children’s Hospital,  Newcastle upon Tyne

Secretary     Devasmitha Venkataraman, Consultant Paediatrician at 
     South Tees Hospital NHS Trust 

Treasurer     Dr Punit Shah, Paediatric Consultant, University Hospital North Durham
Allied Health Mr James Gardner, Allergy Nurse Specialist,  
       Great North Children’s Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne


Contact Devasmitha Venkataraman to obtain further details.

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