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The London Paediatric Allergy Group(LPAG)

The group was formed in October 2003 as the London Paediatric Allergy Group is a multi-disciplinary network and includes doctors, nurses and dieticians interested in paediatric allergy.  We meet 2 times a year at the British In Vitro Diagnostic Association (address below).  

Our aim is to provide a forum to:    

(1) Share best practice in managing children with allergies 
(2) Discuss interesting cases 
(3) Review topical issues in allergy 
(4) Hear about research being undertaken in paediatric allergy. 

We aim to raise the profile of paediatric allergy and to help improve the service that is provided for children with allergies throughout the country. 
Our email discussion group has expanded to include members from beyond the London region, including the West Midlands Children's Allergy Group and other colleagues. 

To reflect the inter-regional membership of the expanded email discussion group, this has been renamed the British Paediatric Allergy Network. The BPAN is open to those working in paediatric allergy anywhere in the UK, or, in some cases, overseas if they have had and maintain a strong link with Paediatric Allergy in the UK. 

The current chairperson of the LPAG and moderator of the BPAN is Dr Diab Haddad. For further details regarding both The London Paediatric Allergy Group the British Paediatric Allergy Network, including for requests to join, please contact Dr Diab Haddad (

Contact Diab Haddad to obtain further details.

Send a message to The London Paediatric Allergy Group(LPAG)

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