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The Northern Ireland Paediatric Respiratory and Allergy Network (NIPRAN)

NIPRAN is a linked group of health professionals from secondary and tertiary care, working in a co-ordinated manner, unconstrained by existing professional and Trust boundaries, to support equitable provision of high quality clinically effective paediatric respiratory and allergy services to children residing in Northern Ireland. 

Chair: Professor Michael Shields
Secretary and Coordinator: Dr Jenny Hughes
Vice Chair: Dr Gary Doherty

Membership: Includes General Paediatricians, Paediatric Respiratory Physicians, Immunologists, Clinical nurse specialists and Dietitians, Respiratory Physiotherapists and Physiologists. All Northern Ireland Heath and Social Care Trusts are represented. Representatives from primary care hold an open invitation to the network meetings. Patient Representatives from the Anaphylaxis Campaign and Allergy UK are also members.

  • To develop and recommend appropriate patient pathways and referral protocols across the network, including access and delivery of clinical care that cross organisational boundaries.
  • To identify and most efficiently utilise resources for the delivery of paediatric respiratory and allergy services across organisational boundaries.
  • To develop and promote clear links between and within the network, including regional support for all clinical staff to include general consultant paediatricians and consultant paediatricians with a special interest in allergy or respiratory conditions. This support will include advice regarding inpatient management in patient’s own local hospital.
  • To establish mechanisms to support communication and collaboration between clinicians, commissioners and other care providers, particularly across existing organisational boundaries.
  • To coordinate a program of clinical audit related to respiratory and allergy services, including sharing of outcomes and developing action plans arising from audits and other relevant activity.
  • To disseminate examples of best practice and to promote the use of evidence-based guidelines as published by recognised national and international bodies.
  • To promote mutual professional support and continuing professional development in areas relevant to respiratory and allergy services and to organise a program of network meetings including attendance at national training/meetings.
  • To ensure public and patient involvement.

Meetings take place at least 4 times per year. The duration of the meeting is usually for 3 hours; with 2 hours devoted to clinical teaching and 1 hour for management.
Minutes of the meeting are recorded and circulated to members.

Contact to obtain further details.

Send a message to The Northern Ireland Paediatric Respiratory and Allergy Network (NIPRAN)

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