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The Wessex Allergy Network - Winchester

In Winchester we are part of the Wessex Allergy Network which meets every 4 months, Gradually we are developing regional guidelines. 

Locally we hold a weekly "one stop" allergy clinic, staffed by 2 consultant paediatricians and an associate specialist all with a special interest in allergy. There is a nurse specialist and dietitian present. 

In the clinic we offer medical and dietitian consultations, skin prick testing, IgE, specific IgE and component testing. Training in management of anaphylaxis, including the use of adrenaline auto injectors. also takes place in the one stop clinic. Everyone prescribed an adrenaline autoinjector is offered an annual review-this may be in a nurse specialist clinic. Open oral food challenges are offered as a separate day case appointment. 

In addition, we offer a free half day session twice yearly to anyone who wants training in anaphylaxis. This is usually attended by nursery staff, nannies, teachers, school secretaries etc and is very popular. 

We have published some research -Johnson et al; Practice in the use of adrenaline autoinjectors (PAI 2011). In collaboration with Southampton we developed guidelines for the local manangement of non-IgE CMPA in primary care, which are published on "Map of Medicine".

Contact Dr Keith Foote to obtain further details.

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