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The cornerstone of food allergy management remains the exclusion of the trigger foods. For some foods this might appear to be relatively straightforward, for example with a seafood allergy. However many of the foods excluded are staple items in the diets of most people, and also each individual may have other factors that need to be considered such as their age, traditional dietary norms, culture/religious/lifestyle choices, number and type of foods being excluded, cooking skills, household income and many more. It is therefore vital that most patients receive individualised dietary advice, preferably from a dietitian, and also comprehensive written information. Nutritional issues can be linked to the number of foods being excluded, in both children and adults. The exclusion of milk from an infant’s diet can be most problematic, with with growth stunting and obesity being linked to milk-free diets. It is vital that if parents have been advised to exclude milk from their infant’s diet, or have already done so, that they receive advice about milk substitutes which are appropriate for their child’s age and condition.  


Project Manager for National Allergy Strategy

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