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BSACI Registries

Each BSACI registry is used to evaluate and improve outcomes for patients.

UK Fatal Anaphylaxis Registry (UKFAR) exists to collect information pertaining to fatal anaphylactic reactions with the aim of analysing the data and sharing the findings in order to influence clinical outcomes.

UK Anaphylaxis Registry has been set up to collect data relating to unintended allergic reactions. The Registry is fully integrated into the existing European Anaphylaxis Registry Network for Online Registration of Anaphylaxis (NORA).

Registry for Immunotherapy (BRIT) is a web-based patient registry that records immunotherapy treatment of patients under the care of BSACI consultants practicing in the UK.

To help us with our evaluations please click on the registry you wish to sign up to below. Should you wish to report an anaphylaxis fatality please click the UK Fatal Anaphylaxis Registry.


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