What is BRIT?

BRIT is a web-based patient registry open to all BSACI consultants (or equivalent grades) treating patients with immunotherapy. You can include patients on pollen, house dust mite, animal dander, venom and peanut immunotherapy, as well as Omalizumab (Xolair) for chronic spontaneous urticaria. It has been designed for both adult and paediatric patients seen either in the NHS or in private practice. The registry will email patients regularly to complete online effectiveness measures, both during and after treatment as long term follow up. 

What are the objectives of BRIT?

  1. To describe the use of immunotherapy in the UK in adults and children.
  2. To describe the safety and effectiveness of immunotherapy, both during and after treatment.
  3. To benchmark clinical practice within the BSACI registry membership to improve standards of care and describe access to services nationally.

Why should I, as a consultant, get involved?

By using the registry, you will have a patient’s response to treatment available at a glance. Once consented and enrolled, an individual patient’s response to treatment is collected automatically by email, and can be viewed on their timeline summary in the Registry. This makes BRIT a useful tool to have on your desktop in clinical practice.

It will also help with safety reporting to MHRA Yellow Card scheme and the Pharmaceutical Industry in line with best practice in pharmacovigilance. This is important as many of the products that we use are not licensed in the UK.

BRIT is also an opportunity for clinicians to be actively involved in establishing immunotherapy as a specialist treatment in the UK. Using the Registry can contribute towards your IQAS accreditation and will bench mark your practice in line with current BSACI guidelines.

Because individual consultants have access to data from across their centre, registering with BRIT is beneficial for auditing purposes, and is recommended by IQAS for service accreditation.

In order to ease the administrative burden of joining a registry, you can register as many delegates as you need. Although registered consultants need to be BSACI members, their delegates do not.

What data is collected and how is it protected?

The registry will collect data regarding patient episodes of treatment (rather than individual visits). It uses current BSACI guidelines to benchmark your practice. Effectiveness will be determined by Quality of Life questionnaires sent to patients (parents/guardians in case of children) by email regularly during treatment and, if they consent, as long term follow up after treatment has finished. You will also be able to report serious adverse events, and other adverse reactions leading to discontinuation of treatment.

BRIT will be held on secure servers within the NHS. The registry is managed by Dendrite Clinical Systems Ltd., who has many years of experience in hosting similar national and international registries. BRIT contains both identifiable and non-identifiable participant data. All participants must have signed informed consent before their data can be entered into the registry. To view a copy of our Data Protection Impact Assessment, email [email protected].

Does the registry require ethical approval?

BRIT is a Registry Database and as such does not need Research Ethics Committee approval. In line with Health Research Authority guidance, the RSC will seek ethical approval to facilitate secondary research analysis of the dataset and  in accordance with data protection regulations. All individuals whose data are recorded on the database will need to have signed informed consent. They are allowed to withdraw whenever they wish. Further consent is required once treatment has finished for long term follow up.

Do I need to be a BSACI member to register for BRIT?

There must be one lead consultant who is a BSACI member for every service registering for BRIT.


BRIT requires that certain clinical standards be met by each of its users, and BSACI membership is the only way that we can guarantee these standards across the board. This ensures that the data collected in the registry is of the highest possible calibre.

In addition, it is in our users’ best interest to be BSACI members. Membership comes with many benefits, including free access to multiple industry publications, annual meeting discounts, the ability to apply for prizes, and professional representation with the Royal College of Physicians. For more information about membership, click here.

How do I join BRIT?

Register here or email the registry coordinator for more information.

Now that I’ve joined BRIT, how do I use the registry?

We are assembling a series of videos to guide you through the registry. Below, you will find step-by-step videos showing you how to register. Once registered, you will have access to detailed tutorials about entering patient information and keeping track of your data. Of course, if you have any questions, you can always contact the registry coordinator, Maria.


Here is a video detailing how to complete the registration process:


Here is a video detailing how to log into BRIT for the first time:

Still want to know more? Click the links below to download registry documents.

Adult Consent Packet

Paediatric Consent Packet

Scotland Paediatric Consent Packet

Text Message Consent for Existing Patients

Online Privacy Notice

Leaflet for Consultants

Click here to access BSACI Members’ content for BRIT


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