Audit is important to ensure improvement in clinical standards and also for personal development and appraisal. The BSACI’s Standards of Care Committee (SOCC) is promoting and supporting the development and execution of national audits in Allergy. Dr MT Krishna, a member of SOCC, has taken the lead on this activity and has published audits on the management of venom allergy and on the clinical practice for beta-lactam hypersensitivity in the UK (see details below). All BSACI members working in NHS allergy services should contribute to the BSACI national audits to facilitate an accurate reflection of UK clinical practice and eventually improve the clinical care delivered to our patients. Dr Krishna has formulated the BSACI’s National Audit Manual.

Published BSACI audits

  • A UK national survey of investigations for beta-lactam hypersensitivity – heterogeneity in practice and a need for national guidelines – on behalf of British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (Clin & Exp Allergy 2013)
  • A national audit of pollen immunotherapy for children in the United Kingdom: patient selection and programme safety. (Clin & Exp Allergy 2011).
  • The practice of venom immunotherapy in the United Kingdom: a national audit and review of the literature (Clin & Exp Allergy 2008)
  • Investigative methods for natural rubber latex allergy in the UK (Clin & Exp Allergy 2005)
  • The impact of national guidelines on venom immunotherapy practice in the United Kingdom (Clin & Exp Allergy 2016)

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