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Types of Adrenaline Auto Injectors


Website: http://www.epipen.co.uk/

Patient information leaflet: https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/medicine/26972


2 Dosage strengths:

  • Child from 7.5 – 25kg – 0.15mg dosage (Green Lable)
  • Adult and children over 25kg – 0.3mh dosage (Yellow Lable)

Demonstration video for Adults: http://www.epipen.co.uk/patients/demonstrationvideo/

Demonstration video for children: http://www.epipen.co.uk/patients/demonstrationvideo/

Expiry Alert Service:  http://www.epipen.co.uk/patients/expiry-alert-service/

Trainer pens available: http://www.epipen.co.uk/patients/



3 dosage strengths:

  • Children between 15 kg and 30 kg- 150 micrograms
  • Adult and children over 30kg but below 60kg -300 micrograms
  • Adults over 60kg – 500 micrograms

Demonstration video for Adults: https://www.emerade-bausch.co.uk/patient/how-to-use-emerade

Demonstration video for children: https://www.emerade-bausch.co.uk/patient/how-to-use-emerade

Expiry Alert Service: https://www.emerade-bausch.co.uk/patient

Trainer pens available: https://www.emerade-bausch.co.uk/hcp/patient-resources


Website: http://www.jext.co.uk/


2 dosage strengths:-

  • Children 15-30kg- 150 micrograms (yellow label)
  • Adult and children over 30kg – 300 micrograms (red label)

Demonstration video for Adults: https://adults.jext.co.uk/about-jext/how-to-use/

Demonstration video for children: https://kids.jext.co.uk/about-jext/how-to-use/

Expiry Alert Service: https://jext.co.uk/

Trainer pens available: https://hcp.jext.co.uk/resource/


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