Sheffield Children's Hospital, Sheffield Hallam University

Barriers & Facilitators to receiving allergy healthcare in South Asian Families

Principal Investigator(s): Dr N Jay, Dr Sue Peckover, Ms Punita Chowbey
Type of Study: Qualitative data collection using mixed methods
Recruiting? yes

Funding Body: NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire & Humber
Start Date: 12-Mar-2017
Projected End Date: 24-Mar-2019



Children from BME families often receive less referrals to care and within a service receive poorer care due to many cultural, linguistic and social barriers. This study will investigate from a families perspective why this is and how to improve care

Lay Summary

Children from black minority ethnic groups are often referred much later to clinic and rely more on A&E attends to receive care. Ww need to understand why this is to improve care and make sure no child is disadvantaged.

Summary of Findings

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