Application of barriers creams from birth v’s normal care in 1500 infants from high risk atopic families will be evaluated to determine if it prevents barrier disruption and eczema. Skin prick tests to common foods and aeroallergens will be performed at the age of two, with those suspected of having a food allergy asked to attend for a food challenge.

Lay Summary

In infants at risk of allergy from their parents genes we are trying to prevent eczema and the development of food allergies or sensitisation to allergens in the air/contact. A pilot project has shown that putting cream on babies skin from birth may prevent the development of eczema. It is thought that the skin barrier is important in preventing allergy development and hence if you can improve the skin barrier by using creams then you may be able to prevent food allergy development

Nottingham, St Mary's (London) and Sheffield

Barrier enhancement for eczema prevention | multi centre randomised controlled trial

Principal Investigator(s)

  • : Prof H Williams
  • : Dr R Boyle
  • : Dr M Perkins
  • : Dr N Jay

Type of Study

Multi centre randomised controlled trial

Funding Body

NIHR, Sheffield children's hospital charity, St Mary's/ Imperial charity


04th January 2015 - 01st January 2019


Project Manager for National Allergy Strategy

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