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BSACI National Allergy Education Strategy

With exciting advances in the fields now looking to start changing clinical practice, its essential that we have the opportunity to grow and extend the services that we offer to ensure that every patient with allergy in the UK has access to high quality care. One of the key elements of this will be ensuring that allergy education of the highest quality is available.

Adam Fox, BSACI Past President 2019-2021

Allergic diseases are common, affecting many people throughout life, however few health care professionals receive formal training in allergy, meaning patients are often poorly managed. At BSACI we have developed the National Allergy Education Strategy to ensure quality allergy education for all healthcare professionals (HCP), in a manner that is appropriate to their professional roles, with the aim that all patients with allergies will receive timely and individualised evidence-based care.

The strategy has been written by a multi-disciplinary team of allergy educators and clinical experts with consultation of key stakeholders. The strategy addresses education and training of all healthcare professionals in undergraduate, community and hospital settings. In so doing, it aligns educational goals with the care needs of patients progressing through an integrated healthcare system, in keeping with the recommendations of NHS and European policy frameworks.

Professor Judith Holloway, past BSACI Allergy Education Network Chair explains ‘over the last two years our Network has worked with passion on this first ever National Allergy Education Strategy. Patients are being let down as there is not enough good quality evidence-based education for HCPs to manage their allergies. Patients deserve great allergy care which relies on great allergy education.’

Download the BSACI Allergy Education Network Strategy here

BSACI vision for patient-focused education

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals

  • Access to accredited high-quality allergy education, which acknowledges the impact of allergy on patients and families
  • Health care professionals will be enabled to provide proactive, evidence-based care to patients, appropriate to their professional role
  • The development of trusted and supportive professional collaborations
  • Opportunities to develop interests in clinical and academic career opportunities in allergy

Benefits for Organisations

  • Sustainable and safe high-quality care
  • Clear competencies for healthcare professionals, specific to their role
  • The strategy supports organisational change and innovation in the education and training of healthcare professionals
  • A culture of allergy awareness, and in turn empowering commissioners to invest in value-based allergy pathways that produce an optimal, cost-effective patient journey
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Why does allergy education matter for patients?

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Education and training for health care professionals tailored to their role


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