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Become an Allergy Education Champion

This is the first National Allergy Education Strategy to be developed and published in the UK, aligning with both European and British policy, that is designed by, and written for, multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals. It is a live strategy that will be reviewed annually and renewed every 5 years. Our goal of educating the entire HCP workforce is ambitious, but we can achieve this with your help.

Are you a medical professional or student working in allergy? We invite you to support this work to spread the word about our vision and become an Allergy Education Champion of this radical reform of what and how education is delivered, so that gaps in practice are filled. You can be involved in any way which suits you, from promoting allergy locally or joining our core Network and making changes at a national level. If you would like to get involved contact [email protected]

You don’t have to be a BSACI member to be an allergy education champion but there are lots of benefits of being a member.


Membership Benefits

Membership will give you access to Clinical & Experimental Allergy news online and access to download PDF guidelines. As part of your membership, you also benefit from access to the members area of our website, the opportunity to become involved in Society activities such as sub-committees, guideline groups, external consultations and professional representation with the Royal College of Physicians. To hear from our members about their experiences and why becoming a BSACI member is the right choice for you watch these videos.


Project Manager for National Allergy Strategy

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