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Guys Allergy Network

GRAN was formed in 2017 and is chaired by Dr Rubaiyat Haque. The broad aims of the network are as follows:

  • To help improve the range and quality of current allergy services
  • To develop new allergy services and consultant posts
  • To promote allergy research with a focus on integrating research and clinical care
  • To promote allergy education at all levels
  • To support centres in achieving allergy accreditation
  • To support centres with local and national commissioning of their services

Membership is not limited to a local region, but open to anyone willing to travel to London for meetings which take place 3 times a year.

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North-East London Allergy and Clinical Immunology Network (NELACIN)

The NELACIN encompasses all entities providing Allergy and Immunology services within the North-East London and a portion of the Essex region. These services are administered at the following locations:
1. Barts Health NHS Trust – Adult Allergy, Clinical Immunology, Laboratory Immunology and Paediatric Allergy services.
2. Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust – Adult Allergy & Paediatric Allergy Services.
3. North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust – Paediatric Allergy Service.
4. University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – Adult Allergy & Clinical Immunology Services (RNTNE and RLHIM)

The consortium presently consists of Adult & Paediatric Allergy Consultants, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Clinical Scientists, Allergy Specialist Dietitians, Specialist Pharmacists, Lung Physiologists, Allergy & Immunology Specialty trainee doctors, and other professionals dedicated to the field of Allergy and Immunology in the North-East London Region.

Quarterly meetings are convened, featuring presentations, as part of our collaborative initiative aiming to foster cooperation among allergy and immunology services throughout North-East London and certain areas of Essex. The primary objectives of these meetings include:
• Establishing a clinical governance forum with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for the network’s specialist doctors, allied health professionals and primary care clinicians.
• Deliberating on local, regional, and national matters related to allergy and immunology commissioning and service delivery.
• Crafting and aligning referral and management pathways, protocols, and Patient Information Leaflets (PILs).
• Addressing cross-network issues concerning clinical and diagnostic services.
• Facilitating case presentations, service reports, and clinical audit reports, transitional clinic pathways and other SOP’s
• Engaging in discussions on Improving Quality in Allergy Services (IQAS) accreditation and benchmarking.
• Exploring novel and emerging diagnostic techniques.

Dive into the synergy of NELACIN, where innovation meets collaboration, and excellence is the norm. Join us in shaping the future of Allergy and Immunology. Interested minds are encouraged to reach out for further insights into our captivating initiatives and activities. If you have any queries, please contact us via email: [email protected]

North West Allergy and Clinical Immunology Network

The NWACIN includes all services providing Allergy and Immunology care in the North West of England:

  1. University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust;
  2. Central Manchester Foundation Trust;
  3. Salford Royal Foundation Trust;
  4. Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust;
  5. Lancashire Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. We include medical, nursing, laboratory and administrative allergy and immunology staff.

Our network was established to allow for collaborative work between the allergy and immunology services across the North West:

  • To provide a clinical governance forum with CPD for the network’s specialist doctors, specialist nurses and primary care clinicians;
  • To discuss local, regional and national issues with regard to allergy and immune deficiency commissioning and service delivery;
  • To develop and align referral and management pathways, protocols and PILs

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Northern Immunology and Allergy Network (NIAN)

This group currently is comprised of hospital doctors, GPs, nurses, clinical scientists, dieticians and other staff who are working within the field of Allergy and Immunology in the North of England. Hospital-based staff are based at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle and St James Hospital in Leeds. The network is supported by an academic unit for clinical immunology which is facilitating research into PID, autoinflammatory disorders and allergy.

Meetings are held 3-4 times per year and comprise of presentations, case discussions, guideline reviews and audit relating to the care of adult patients with allergic and immunological conditions. In addition, patient organisations have been invited to update the group on the valuable work that they do. Please do contact us if you are interested in learning more about what we do.

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South West Allergy & Immunology Network (SWAIN)

Hospitals which make up the Network:-

University Hospital, Southampton
Cardiff University Hospitals
Plymouth Hospitals, NHS Trust
University Hospitals, Bristol

There is no central hub but meetings rotate quarterly to Bristol, Cardiff, Plymouth and Southampton with approximately 10-15 members attending each one. All meetings are minuted with feedback for each.

There are approximately 30 members within this network.  All AHC professionals, nurses, scientists, trainees and medics are welcome to join

Please see examples of meeting content below:-

  • Guideline and info sheet development
  • Regional and national updates re-commissioning
  • Immunology and allergy cases
  • Joint SWAIN wide audit data presentations
  • Research topics
  • QPIDS and IQAAS accreditation issues

Written protocols are shared and utilised within the network, examples are given below:-

  • info sheets
  • SOPs e.g. skin prick test and oral challenges

These protocols are usually developed locally at each site.

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Trent Regional Immunology and Allergy Consortium (TRIAC)

This group is currently made up of health care professionals from Sheffield NGH and SCH (childrens), Leicester RI and Glenfield, Nottingham QMC, Scunthorpe General and Hull Royal Infirmiary.  All AHC professionals, nurses, scientists, trainees and medics are welcome to attend. Currently the membership stands at 50.

Meetings take place quarterly and rotate between Sheffield, Scunthorpe, Leicester and Nottingham with approximately 20-30 members attending each one. There is an annual joint meeting with SYPAG (South Yorkshire Paediatric Allergy Group) which takes place in March. All meetings are minuted and posted to TRIAC Google site and WordPress guideline pages.

Types of activity which take place at these meetings include:-

• Guideline and info sheet development
• Regional and national updates re-commissioning
• Immunology and allergy cases
• Joint TRIAC wide audit data presentations
• Best practice presentation – e.g. Paediatric transition
• QPIDS and IQAAS accreditation issues

Written protocols have been developed by TRIAC expert consensus and evidence review and these are utilised within the group.  Examples of the types of protocol used are as follows:-

• Infosheets
• Compendium of Primary Immunodeficiency
• Allergy Guideline development programme – currently penicillin allergy

TRIAC welcomes new members

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West London & Herts Allergy Network (WeLHAN)

Includes allergy services from the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust and Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust. Meet three times a year to discuss commissioning, service developments, accreditation and share policies and protocols. Also, discuss clinical cases across the spectrum of allergy.

The meetings will rotate between the two hospitals

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West Midlands Allergy Network

Core Membership: 

University Hospitals Birmingham, Sandwell and West Birmingham, Dudley Group, North Staffs, Oxford

3 meetings per year

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