Helplines - BSACI


Allergy UK – Helpline (01322 619898)

Is the country’s leading allergy charity helping patients by providing a dedicated helpline which is staffed by a team of fully trained allergy advisors. It provides support and information for sufferers of allergy, intolerance and sensitivities, as well as information on manufactured products and services.

Anaphylaxis UK– Helpline (0125 254 2029)

Anaphylaxis UK has been supporting people living with serious allergies as a charity for over 25 years, offering information and advice for individuals and their families, for businesses and for schools and other places of education. We provide resources for people with serious allergies that can be trusted and is both scientifically based and factually accurate.

 Asthma UK – Helpline (0300 222 5800)

Asthma UK’s mission is to be there for people with asthma when they need them. To support people with asthma when they need them the most and fund world-leading research to find better treatments and ultimately a cure.

Asthma UK has a small friendly team of asthma nurse specialists who provide independent confidential advice and support to people with asthma and their families, friends and carers. They also offer advice and support to healthcare professionals. The Adviceline service is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Calls are free from a BT landline. Charges may vary from other landline providers and mobile phones.


The National Allergy Strategy Group (NASG)

The NASG is an alliance of the professional organisation BSACI (British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology), the patient charities, Allergy UK (AUK), Anaphylaxis UK and the Allergy Alliance (AA) and industry partners. Since its formation in 2001, the NASG has worked, with others, to highlight the need for allergy services; the inadequate care available for allergy patients at all levels in the NHS and to improve NHS allergy services. Find out more about the contact: [email protected]


Project Manager for National Allergy Strategy

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