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The BSACI’s Standards of Care Committee (SOCC) develops guidelines for the management of patients with allergic disorders in secondary care as well as initiating and leading national audits in allergy. Guideline Groups are selected and approved by the SOCC to draft guidelines which are progressed in an iterative process for publication.

The committee’s Chair Dr Isabel Skypala.  SOCC core committee members (Member’s list) include allergy specialists, paediatric allergists, immunologists, GPs, nurse specialists, dietitians and is supported by Dr Shifa Shaikh, the BSACI Chief Scientific Officer. SOCC is also supported by a select advisory group who guide SOCC processes.

The Society does not seek external funding for the production of its guidelines.

By 2017 SOCC has published 13 guidelines, which are freely available via the menu below.  SOCC also leads on the national allergy audits and is involved in the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The process for the development of management guidelines comprises:

BSACI guidelines are based on the best available evidence. It is however recognised that evidence in some areas may be sparse or of poor quality. It is thus important that robust methodology is used to develop guidance even in areas where the evidence base is weak. Guidance for good practice for these topics is often much needed, and can also serve to highlight areas for future research.

Please click here to access the guideline production manual.

BSACI guidelines are designed to give guidance in the United Kingdom. Special considerations are therefore given to drugs available within the NHS. The ethnic diversity within the UK should be considered by providing guidance on specific needs or risks within ethnic groups.

BSACI Declaration of Interest Policy can be viewed on the BSACI Governance page.

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