BSACI Council

Trustee Directors

Professor Adam Fox
BSACI President
Professor Graham Roberts
President Elect
Dr Nicola Brathwaite
Dr Sue Leech

Elected Members of Council

Dr Zaraquiza Zolkilpi
Dr Andrew Whyte
Chair of the Adult Allergy Committee
Dr Mich Lajeunesse
Chair of BRIT Registry Committee
Professor Judith Holloway
Chair of BSACI Allergy Education Network
Dr Rubaiyat Haque
Dr Sophie Farooque
Professor Adnan Custovic

Representatives and Leads of Committees

Dr Erika Harnik
Editor of Allergy Update
Professor Michael Rudenko
Dr David Luyt
Chair of BSACI Standards of Care Committee
Dr Tomaz Garcez
Chair of the Clinical Immunology Committee
Professor Helen Smith
BSACI Ethics Champion
Dr R Boyle
Co-Editor in Chief, Clinical and Experimental Allergy
Dr Mo Shamji
Co-Editor in Chief, Clinical and Experimental Allergy
Dr. George Gkimpas
BSACI Meeting Scientific Programme Lead
Mrs Lucy Common
Chair of the BSACI Nurses Committee
Ms Hannah Hunter
Representative of the FASG of the BDA
Dr Paul Turner
Chair of the Paediatric Committee
Dr Matt Doyle
Chair of Primary Care Group
Dr Natasha Gunawardana
Junior Members Representative
Dr Elizabeth Griffiths
Chair of Allergy Specialist Advisory Committee
Dr Pamela Ewan
Allergy Services Lead and Co-Chair of the NASG

Funding to minimize future deaths from Anaphylaxis

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