BSACI Honorary Membership

An Honorary Member is someone who has never been a BSACI member but may have contributed significantly to the work and objectives of the organisation in a sustained way. Nominees must be nominated by a BSACI member and cannot self-nominate.
The Trustees will review the nominations based on the merits of the candidate that is deemed to cross the broad spectrum of advancing allergy and clinical immunology. The guidance notes and nomination form can be downloaded here.

Completing the nomination form:
To nominate an individual, you will need to fill in a nomination form. Once completed, email it to [email protected].

Case for nomination – this is where you will write a maximum of 500 words a why you think the nominee should be awarded Honorary Membership.

The evaluation criteria:
The Trustees will assess nominees. The Trustees will be looking for candidates whose work shows evidence of having made a significant or sustained contribution to the field of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Examples include (but are not limited to):
1. Contributions that have helped allergy and clinical immunology services achieve better outcomes for patients or staff.
2. A personal impact which differs from those of any team or organisation where they work, and that their outputs go beyond those of any role they are employed to play.
3. Efforts that have helped the BSACI as a professional body to achieve its objectives or have made a direct contribution to improving the working lives of professionals in allergy or clinical immunology related fields and their care of patients.


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