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BSACI Stakeholder Engagement

The British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) values the interest and input from external stakeholders in the development of their publications and can offer a reciprocal collaboration with said stakeholders in the work they may produce. The BSACI membership offers diverse expertise from a wide range of medical professions within the field of allergy and immunology. The below process outlines the steps that external stakeholders who wish to engage the BSACI membership should follow to ensure an appropriate member is contacted. The purpose of this document is to ensure appropriate and non-biased selection of a BSACI member for proposed collaboration with an external stakeholder and have a framework by which this may be achieved.


Initial Contact

    1. Email the BSACI Clinical Guidelines and Registry Manager at [email protected] with specific details of the proposal including:
      1. Provide details of the engagement using the ‘Proposal Form for Stakeholder Engagement
      2. Timeframe and submission deadline;
      3. Details of BSACI’s proposed involvement and the input required from the selected member/s e.g. consultation, comment, advisory etc.
      4. Statement of whether BSACI will be a stakeholder. NB: In the event that BSACI agrees to be a named stakeholder, the work completed by the selected BSACI representative will be circulated to the BSACI Standards Of Care Committee by the CGRO for commentary and approval prior to external submission.

      Selection of Representative from SOCC or wider BSACI Membership (BSACI Internal Process)

    2. The CGRO will forward the completed ‘Proposal Form’ to the Chair of the Standards of Care Committee (SOCC). It will be the Chair (in agreement with SOCC) who will decide which expert will be appointed as a BSACI representative.


  1. Submission

    1. Documents received from the stakeholder will then be forwarded to the selected representative to be completed. Once the documentation is completed by the representative, this must be returned to the Clinical Guidelines Research Officer.
    2. The completed documentation will then be circulated to SOCC for any further comments and approval; the committee will have a further 2 weeks to provide feedback on the documentation.
    3. After finalisation within the SOCC, the CGRO will submit the documentation on behalf of the BSACI and nominated representative.
    4. The final submitted documents should contain the following:

      1. Date of document finalisation
      2. Full name of selected member, followed by ‘BSACI representative’.
      3. Job title and field of expertise of selected member

    Note: Time frames provided are a rough estimate and will vary depending on the submission deadline provided by the stakeholder of interest.  

    A final draft must be sent to BSACI before it is launched/published.


Project Manager for National Allergy Strategy

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