William Frankland Award

William Frankland Award 2021 for Outstanding Services in the field of Clinical Allergy in the United Kingdom

Bill Frankland sadly passed away last year at the age of 108. He was respected world-wide for his contributions to allergy and particularly for his pioneering work on allergen specific immunotherapy which improved the quality of life of patients with severe hay fever and other allergic diseases.

Each year the society recognises Dr Frankland’s significant contributions by inviting the membership to send in a nomination for this award in honour of Dr Frankland. The winner of the award will be chosen by BSACI council and presented with an engraved salver during the Celebrating Excellence in Allergy Care & Research session on Friday 8th October 2021, at the BSACI Annual Conference.

Nominations for the award should be in the form of a supporting citation (maximum 1 page) addressing how the nominee meets the six criteria areas below, this should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae of no more than 4 pages.

Please write indicating what experience and qualities the nominee has in relation to each of six categories below. Should you not cover all six areas your nomination may not be accepted.

  • Contributions to standards of care in allergy in the UK
  • Influence on clinical practice and medical opinion
  • Influence on public understanding
  • Influence on public policy
  • Influence through clinical or clinically motivated research
  • Other influences – through published work or otherwise

BSACI Council will consider nominations sent before 5pm on Monday 24th May 2021. Nominations will only be accepted with citations.

Please send your nomination together with your citation to fiona@bsaci.org

Click here to view a list of previous recipients.



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