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Health Inequalities Alliance

The BSACI is a member of the Health Inequalities Alliance.

Led by the Royal College of Physicians, the Inequalities in Health Alliance (IHA) is a coalition of 170+ organisations with an interest in improving the health of the UK. The IHA was formed to campaign for a cross-government strategy to reduce health inequalities, and together we’re asking the government to do three things:

  • Develop a cross-government strategy to reduce health inequalities

The IHA believes a cross-government strategy is required because health Inequality is caused by a wide range of factors and circumstances.  As the secretary of state for social services said in his foreword to the 1980 Black Report, “the influences at work in explaining the re lative health experience of different parts of our society are many and interrelated.”  All parts of government and public services need to prioritise the reduction of health inequality.

  • Consider what’s called the “socio-economic duty” in the Equality Act 

The socio-economic duty is key to ensure that the needs of vulnerable people, who can all too often be forgotten, are considered in every decision. This is vital, so that the impact of policies made at the highest level of government on the poorest in society are weighed up before final decisions are made. This gives the best chance at avoiding unintended consequences falling disproportionately on the most disadvantaged.

  • Adopt a ‘child health in all policies’ approach

The importance of early years on adult health outcomes is well documented. The IHA wants to make sure that all public policy is focused on ensuring every child in the country has the best chance of good health throughout their life.

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