Celebrating 75 years - BSACI

Celebrating 75 years

The British Allergy Society was formed 75 years ago in 1948, but did not have a constitution until it was written in 1951, at which time there were 40-50 members. At the same time the Royal Society of Medicine section of Clinical Immunology and Allergy was started up in 1965, by which time the British Allergy Society had 150 members. The Antibody Club was later incorporated to the British Allergy Society, thus being the roots of the British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology.  Vera Walker was the first President in 1948. View past presidents of BSACI.

To mark this special occasion, we are celebrating our significant milestones and achievements over the years. If you are a member and you have any photos or stories you wish to share with us to mark this special occasion, please send these to [email protected]

Read the top cited articles in Clinical & Experimental Allergy, the official journal of BSACI. Click here.

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Milestones and achievements over the past 75 years


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