James Paget University Hospital - One Stop Paediatric Allergy Clinic - BSACI

James Paget University Hospital - One Stop Paediatric Allergy Clinic

This One Stop Paediatric Allergy clinic runs weekly at present on Tuesday morning in the Cove Paediatric Outpatient Department. Children are seen by the doctor, then see the Nurse for skin testing if required, and then return to the doctor for diagnosis. Following this they may see the nurse again for emergency planning and Adrenaline Autoinjector training and we also have a Dietitian available in clinic to deal with any food related problems . We aim to have all this done within a couple of hours. We will see children and young people up to their 19th birthday.
Food Challenges are performed on the Childrens Ward.
We are a Research Active Allergy Clinic currently running clinical trials on milk and peanut allergy treatments


  • What Routes Of Immunotherapy Are Available: oral


Age Group

  • Regular Challenge Sessions
    Children only
  • Desensitisation / Immunotherapy
    Children only
  • Regular Day Case Sessions
    Children only
  • Drug Allergy with Challenge
    Children only
  • Drug Allergy Without Challenge
    Children only
  • Eczema
    Children only
  • Food Allergy
    Children only
  • Latex Allergy
    Children only
  • Rhinitis
    Children only
  • Urticaria / Angioedema
    Children only
  • Venom Allergy
    Children only

Lead Consultants


  • Dr J Chapman

Health Professionals


  • Mrs K Parr
    Allergy Nurse
  • Mrs Caroline Ellam
  • Dr P Venugopal
    Paediatric Consultant
  • Mr C Ellis
    Paediatric Nurse Practitioner

Project Manager for National Allergy Strategy

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