Allergy in the post COVID-19 World Webinar 1st June 2020

As we all start to look to the future, standing allergy services back up, the BSACI hosted a webinar to bring members together to highlight some of the challenges we face. We heard from clinicians leading efforts to re-open their services in paediatric and adult allergy, how they are redesigning pathways and which patients they are prioritising. We also hear from colleagues in primary care and from Dr Andrew Whyte, who has led the development of the BSACI COVID-19 recovery work.

Introduction – Prof Adam Fox, BSACI President
BSACI Recovery project – Dr Andrew Whyte, Chair of BSACI Adult Allergy committee
What is happening in primary care? – Dr Helen Howells, Chair of BSACI Primary Care Committee
What we are doing to stand our Paediatric Allergy service back up – Dr Helen Brough, Clinical Lead at Evelina London Children’s Hospital
What we are doing to stand our Adult Allergy service back up – Dr Sarah Goddard, Clinical Lead Adult Allergy and Immunology, University Hospitals North Midlands