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BSACI and ITN Industry News awareness raising programme

The British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) and ITN Productions Industry News have co-produced a news-style programme raising awareness and education around allergies, anaphylaxis, clinical immunology and rare diseases to help improve health outcomes and prevent the tragic loss of life.

For those living with life threatening food allergies, compromised respiratory functions or immune systems, the misinformation surrounding allergies and the current pandemic crisis is especially concerning.  The risk of anaphylaxis due to severe allergies means for many, returning to a new normal after lockdown will be a particularly anxious time.

Anchored by ITN Productions Industry News presenter Samantha Simmonds, ‘Allergy and Clinical Immunology – Attention Needed!’ explores the latest advancements in prevention and management of allergies, in particular food allergies, anaphylaxis and rare diseases often mistaken for an allergy.

The programme hears from families who have lost loved ones to anaphylaxis and how the devastating deaths could have been avoided. Passionate about bringing change to prevent further loss of life, BSACI highlights the importance of greater awareness, education and training in schools and society, clearer messaging and information across food packaging and restaurant menus and the importance of checking dates on life-saving medication as some of the fundamental factors critical to improving outcomes.

The programme will be launched at the BSACI Annual Digital Conference on 2 October 2020, and will form part of an extensive awareness campaign.

Showcase includes industry sponsored editorials:

You can view the full programme below