BSACI Global Allergy Online Symposium keynote lecture cited in The Telegraph

28th February 2023

The Telegraph has cited Professor Sir Stephen Holgate’s keynote lecture at the BSACI Global Allergy Symposium which took place on 10th February.

In the Keynote lecture, Professor Holgate discussed effective interventions on the environmental causes of allergy and what we can do as an allergy community. The talk was based on the findings of a landmark workshop at Dumfries House in Scotland, hosted by the then-Prince of Wales in September 2022. Professor Holgate called for action to tackle the causes and develop preventative treatments:

“One in three people in the UK now has an allergy, which range across food and drug allergies to asthma eczema and the numbers continue to rise. Between two to three million people in the UK are living with food allergies and hospital admissions for the life-threatening reaction anaphylaxis caused by food allergies have tripled over the past 20 years. Following current trajectory, 70 percent of the UK population could have food allergies by 2060 and this would be terribly problematic.”

Professor Holgate said research showed that a loss of biodiversity – the different kinds of life in an area including animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms like bacteria – was driving the rise.

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