Emerade 300 microgram and 500 microgram adrenaline auto-injectors: re-supply to market – important safety information

BSACI have been notified that Emerade 300 microgram and 500 microgram adrenaline auto-injectors will be resupplied to the market in September 2021, following corrections made to the device. Emerade adrenaline auto-injectors were recalled in 2020 due to an error in one component that caused some auto-injectors to fail to activate and deliver adrenaline. Following satisfactory implementation of corrective actions, the MHRA has agreed that the 300 microgram and 500 microgram strengths of Emerade adrenaline auto-injectors can be re-supplied to the market. Healthcare professionals should follow advice in the Summary of Product Characteristics on dosing recommendations. Emerade 150 microgram auto-injectors will not be returning to market at this time, further details of re-supply will be provided by Bausch and Lomb at a later date. For more information click here.