May Paediatric Grand Round - Available Online Now - BSACI

May Paediatric Grand Round - Available Online Now

The BSACI Paediatric Allergy Group (PAG) held the May Grand Round on the 13th May and was hosted by Dr Gary Stiefel 

The Grand Round was Recorded and is available for BSACI members to view here (you will need to log in to view this page).


Host: Dr Gary Stiefel
Host Centre: Leicester Royal Infimary 

Journal Club:

Dr David Luyt
Possible association between early formula and reduced risk of cow’s milk allergyThe Japan Environment and Children’s Study
Junichiro Tezuka, Masafumi Sanefuji, Takahito Ninomiya, Takahiro Kawahara, Hiroshi Matsuzaki, Yuri Sonoda, Masanobu Ogawa, Masayuki Shimono, Reiko Suga, Satoshi Honjo, Koichi Kusuhara, Shouichi Ohga, The Japan EnvironmentChildren’s Study (JECS) Group

Virtual Grand Round – The multi-allergic patient- Leicester experience

Heidi Ball, Specialist allergy dietitian,
Dr Briony Stone (SPIN allergy) 
Dr Gary Stiefel

Trainees session

Dr Gary Stiefel and the Leicester team 
Dr Paul Turner