2011-2020 - BSACI


2020 BSACI Annual Meeting took place online during the pandemic

2019 Launch of BSACI Registry for Immunotherapy (BRIT)

2018 Launch of Spare Pens in Schools Website in partnership with Allergy UK, Anaphylaxis UK, RCPCH and Department of Health & Social Care

2017 BSACI Allergy Actions Plans for children were launched and an update published on the Immunotherapy for Allergic Rhinitus 2017 guideline

2017 BSACI published Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy guideline

2017 Annual Meeting in Telford

2016 BSACI published Adrenaline Auto-Injector guideline

2016 BSACI Annual Meeting in Telford

2015 BSACI Annual Meeting in Telford


BSACI guidance for prescribing Palforzia® Peanut Oral Immunotherapy published

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