Basingstoke and North Hampshire Foundation Trust - Paediatric Allergy Clinic

Children Seen By

  • Paediatrician (Allergist)


  • Immunotherapy For Pollen
  • What Routes Of Immunotherapy Are Available: Sublingual Only


Age Group

  • Desensitisation / Immunotherapy
    Children only
  • Drug Allergy Without Challenge
    Children only
  • Eczema
    Children only
  • Food Allergy
    Children only
  • Latex Allergy
    Children only
  • Regular Challenge Sessions
    Children only
  • Regular Day Case Sessions
    Children only
  • Rhinitis
    Children only
  • Urticaria / Angioedema
    Children only
  • Venom Allergy
    Children only

Lead Consultants


  • Dr Richard Turner
    Paediatric allergy

Health Professionals


  • Ms Sandra Gibson
  • Ms Karen Pellett
  • Ms Isobelle Pearce

BSACI Global Allergy Online Symposium 2023

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