West Herts Children's Allergy Service - BSACI

West Herts Children's Allergy Service

The Paediatric Allergy service at West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust provides diagnostic and management advice for children with a wide range of atopic conditions including food allergies, allergic respiratory, gastrointestinal and skin conditions. Patient referrals are received from local areas as well as neighbouring boroughs.

Over the past few years, the service has expanded considerably with multiple clinics each week at Watford General Hospital and Hemel Hempstead Hospital, which provide a one-stop allergy service and include onsite skin prick testing for rapid diagnosis. Skin prick testing is provided by trained outpatient nursing staff.

The service is supported by a Band 7 Allergy Nurse specialist who conducts allergy clinics as well as providing support for the day case activity.

The service benefits from local and community Dietician input, allowing patients to discuss specialist dietary management.

Oral food challenges are carried out each week on the Safari Day Unit which provides a controlled environment for allergen introduction.

Children Seen By

  • Paediatrician (Allergist)| Paediatrician (General)


Age Group

  • Regular Challenge Sessions
    Children only
  • Regular Day Case Sessions
    Children only
  • Drug Allergy Without Challenge
    Children only
  • Eczema
    Children only
  • Food Allergy
    Children only
  • Latex Allergy
    Children only
  • Rhinitis
    Children only
  • Urticaria / Angioedema
    Children only
  • Venom Allergy
    Children only

Lead Consultants


  • Dr Deepan Vyas
    Consultant Paediatrician with Specialist Interest in Paediatric Allergy

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