West Herts Children's Allergy Service - BSACI

West Herts Children's Allergy Service

The clinic at Hemel is all day allergy clinic on Friday’s, that offers a skin prick testing clinic conducted at the same time allowing for same day service. The clinic has tertiary links with St Mary’s Hospital, London.

Children Seen By

  • Paediatrician (Allergist)| Paediatrician (General)


  • What Routes Of Immunotherapy Are Available: Sublingual Only


Age Group

  • Regular Challenge Sessions
    Children only
  • Regular Day Case Sessions
    Children only
  • Drug Allergy Without Challenge
    Children only
  • Eczema
    Children only
  • Food Allergy
    Children only
  • Latex Allergy
    Children only
  • Rhinitis
    Children only
  • Urticaria / Angioedema
    Children only
  • Venom Allergy
    Children only

Lead Consultants


  • Dr Deepan Vyas
    Consultant Paediatrician with Specialist Interest in Paediatric Allergy