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Homerton University Hospital - Homerton University Hospital Allergy Services

Children’s allergy service provides joint clinics with dermatology, dietetics and allergy testing. There is also support for ENT and gastroenterology clinics. There are separate sessions for challenges and immunotherapy. There are dedicated clinics for anaphylaxis/epipen/basic life support training. 
Palforzia is offered (paediatrics only). 

Adult clinics provide allergy, asthma, lung function test and immunotherapy and IgE services. Both paediatric and adult service provide lung function test. We aim to see patients within 5 weeks from GP referral. We are involved at a national level with colleagues in research, audit and training. Homerton is registered for the Royal College of Physicians allergy clinic accreditation scheme.

Putting patients at the centre of everything we do.
BRIT is a web-based patient registry that records immunotherapy treatment of patients under the care of BSACI consultants practicing in the UK.
As a patient your input is important. By signing up to BRIT you are supporting research and treatment in allergy and immunology.
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Improving Quality in Allergy Services.
IQAS is the accreditation programme for adult allergy services in the UK. Services undergo a programme of quality improvement before receiving a rigorous assessment against the IQAS standards.

Children Seen By

  • Paediatrician (General)


  • Immunotherapy For Pollen
  • Immunotherapy For Non Pollen Inhalents
  • Immunotherapy For Venom
  • What Routes Of Immunotherapy Are Available: Both


Age Group

  • Anaphylaxis
    Adults & Children
  • Asthma
    Adults & Children
  • Regular Challenge Sessions
    Adults & Children
  • Desensitisation / Immunotherapy
    Adults & Children
  • Regular Day Case Sessions
    Adults & Children
  • Drug Allergy with Challenge
    Adults only
  • Drug Allergy Without Challenge
    Adults & Children
  • Eczema
    Children only
  • Food Allergy
    Adults & Children
  • General Anaesthetic Allergy
    Adults only
  • Latex Allergy
    Adults & Children
  • Occupational Allergy
    Adults only
  • Rhinitis
    Adults & Children
  • Urticaria / Angioedema
    Adults & Children

Lead Consultants


  • Professor Raja Rajakulasingam
    Consultant physician in adult allergy and asthma
  • Dr Rajiv Sood
    Consultant Pediatrician with Specialty in allergy



  • Dr Sheena Barnett
    Consultant physician in adult allergy and asthma
  • Dr Timothy Watts
    Consultant allergy & Lead for drug allergy services
  • Dr Tammy Rothenberg
    Consultant Pediatrician with Specialty in allergy
  • Dr Sanjay Wazir
    Consultant Pediatrician with Specialty in allergy

Health Professionals


  • Mr Thippeswamy Billahalli
    Lead nurse, Adult Allergy Service
  • Mrs Claire Leck
    Allergy clinical nurse specialist
  • Ms Caroline Gilbert
    Allergy nurse specialist
  • Miss Ilaria Bisconti
    Allergy nurse specialist
  • Mr Rama Gorella
    Lead respiratory physiologist
  • Ms Samina Rasheed
    Adult Allergy administrator
  • Miss Yvette Oppong-Kwarteng
    Paediatric Allergy Nurse Specialist
  • Miss Juli Khatun
    Paediatric Allergy Nurse Specialist

BSACI guidance for prescribing Palforzia® Peanut Oral Immunotherapy published

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