April Paediatric Grand Round - Available Online Now - BSACI

April Paediatric Grand Round - Available Online Now

On the 20th April The BSACI Paediatric Allergy Group (PAG) hosted its Third Grand Round hosted by Dr Nicola Jay in Sheffeild

The Grand Round was Recorded and is available for BSACI members to view here (you will need to log in to view this page).


Host: Dr Nicola JayHost Centre: Sheffield Childrens Hospital

Journal Club

Dr Eleanor Minshal
Association of frequent moisturizer use in early infancy with the development of food allergy

Michael R. Perkin PhD, Kirsty Logan PhD, Tom Marrs PhD, Suzana Radulovic MD, Joanna Craven MPH, Robert J. Boyle PhD, Joanne R. Chalmers PhD, Hywel C.Williams DSc, Serge A. Versteeg BSc, Ronald van Ree, PhD, Gideon Lack MB BCh and Carsten Flohr PhD on behalf of the EAT Study Team London and Nottingham, United Kingdom; and Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Grand Round

Case 1
Dr Sibel Sonmez Ajtai
Title: Can I eat chips?