BSACI Webinar 30th November - BSACI

BSACI Webinar 30th November

As part of our series of webinars BSACI kicks off the first of these with a live webinar for the BSACI membership on Cow’s Milk Allergy on Monday 30th November at 5pm by Dr Robert Boyle.

The Agenda is as follows: 

1700  – Introduction
Prof Adam Fox, BSACI President 
Dr Rubaiyat Haque

1705 – Dr Hilary Allen
GP with an interest in allergy, Galway, Ireland
‘Uncertainties in managing suspected milk allergy in primary care’

1715 – Dr Michael Perkin
Reader in Clinical Epidemiology and Consultant Paediatric Allergist, St. George’s Hospital, London UK
‘Relationship between common symptoms during infancy and cow’s milk allergy’

1725 – Professor Daniel Munblit
Associate Professor of Paediatrics at Sechenov University, Moscow, Russia and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Allergy at Imperial College London, UK
‘Do women breastfeeding young children with food allergy need to restrict their diet?’

1735 – Dr Robert Boyle
Reader in Paediatric Allergy, Imperial College London, UK
‘Trends in diagnosis and treatment of allergy to milk and other foods in 21st century’

1745 – Q&A/ panel discussion of recognition and management of milk allergy

This webinar has been kindly supported by ALK-Abello and Thermo Fisher Scientific

Your able to view this webinar by clicking here