Nestle respond to our concerns over SpoonfulOne

Nestle recently launched SpoonfulOne – a food product containing small quantities of multiple common food allergens, aimed at reducing the development of food allergies through early introduction into the infant weaning diet. BSACI, along with the British Dietetic Association (BDA) as well as Allergy UK and the Anaphylaxis Campaign have significant concerns in relation to this and other similar products and how they are marketed. In response to our collective concerns, Nestle has suspended the launch of SpoonfulOne in the UK with immediate effect. Read their response here.

We would like to thank Nestle for responding to our concerns in this way. They have asked for further engagement on this product and we will undertake to continue these conversations.

Thank you to our members who have been involved in this and our colleagues at BDA, Allergy UK and the Anaphylaxis Campaign.