Schools Allergy Code - BSACI

Schools Allergy Code

The Schools Allergy Code is a code of practice to help schools keep pupils with allergies safe. It has been created to give schools a set of standards and clear guidance to make their settings as safe and as inclusive as possible.

The Code includes sections on risk reduction and inclusion, as well as emergency response. It provides a clear framework, which clinicians, schools and parents have been eager for. It will make it easier for schools to identify where they need to strengthen their procedures and policies and give families greater confidence in schools.

Any school can sign up to the Code and use the associated checklist to ensure it is following best practices.  The code has been drawn up by The Allergy Team, ISBA and Benedict Blythe Foundation and has the backing of clinicians and families. Schools who adhere to the code can apply to be on the Schools Allergy Register at