World Allergy Week 18th-24th June - BSACI

World Allergy Week 18th-24th June

World Allergy Week is an annual initiative led by the World Allergy Organization (WAO), aiming to raise awareness of allergies, their management and prevention. Each year, WAO selects a disease topic that has a need for greater attention and provides physicians and the general public with a webinar, infographic, and additional information to educate and spread awareness on the topic. This year the focus is on managing allergic diseases amidst environmental changes. Click here to find out more and register for the WAO World Allergy Week Webinar on Tuesday 20th June.

Adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs) are an important healthcare product used for those at risk of anaphylaxis and can save lives. To raise awareness of the best steps you can take in an anaphylaxis emergency, MRHA and Anaphylaxis UK has launched a new campaign. To watch a video and access resources click here.

The Adrenaline auto-injector prescription for patients at risk of anaphylaxis: BSACI guidance for primary care written by the BSACI, is for primary care healthcare professionals managing patients who have either experienced anaphylaxis or may be at risk of anaphylaxis. To access the guidance click here.