Standards of Care Committee

In 2004 BSACI set up the Standards of Care Committee to develop guidelines for use in secondary care by both adult physicians and paediatricians practising allergy. SOCC also leads on national allergy audits and is involved in the development of SOPs. The committee's chair is Dr Andrew Clark. The committee currently consists of 16 members including allergy specialists, paediatric allergists and immunologists and is supported by Dr. Maryam Shayeghi the BSACI research officer who is a staff member of BSACI head office. SOCC also interacts with and supports the BSACI primary care working group in the development of allergy guidelines for primary care. The constitution of the Standards of Care Committee can be downloaded here (31kb). To learn more about the present members of the Standards of Care Committee please scroll down the page.

Published guidelines are freely accessible to BSACI members via the guidelines webpage. All guidelines since 2007 have also been made freely available on the Clinical and Experimental Allergy website. 

Members of the Standards of Care Committee take it in turns to make recommendations on recent published articles, studies and guidelines relating to the latest BSACI guideline. The current entry on Food allergy can be found here: SOCC recommends...

The committee is open to suggestions for future guidelines and nominations from interested BSACI members who may wish to participate in the process of future guideline development. Please address any enquiries or suggestions to

All suggestions and nominations will be discussed by the SOCC. Present members are: Andrew Clark (chair),  Liz Angier, Nicola Brathwaite, Tina Dixon, Stephen Durham, Pamela Ewan, Sophie Farooque, Anthony Frew, Rubaiyat Haque, Thirumala Krishna, Susan Leech, David Luyt, Rita Mirakian, Shuaib Nasser, Richard Powell, Helen Smith, Steven Till

SOCC meets four times a year, the final meeting date for 2016 is:

  • Thursday 13th October 

Standards of Care Committee members

Dr Andrew Clark - Chair

Andrew Clark is a consultant in paediatric allergy at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. His research portfolio explores the underlying mechanisms of food allergy resolution, clinical and epidemiological features of food allergy, use of diagnostic tests and the impact of a comprehensive management approach on food allergy outcome. More recently he has led translational studies of desensitisation for children with severe food allergy. Dr Clark is chair of the Standards of Care Committee of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Dr Liz Angier

Liz Angier is currently a GP working in the community and in hospital at an Allergy unit in Sheffield. She has an interest in Health Policy and Service Improvement having just been made a Clinical Fellow at the National Leadership Academy.

She  joined SOCC in 2013 and has also done Map of Medicine pathways and is a member of the RCGP Clinical Expert group and her local CCG Clinical Reference Group. She has an interest in multidisciplinary working and translating secondary care guidelines. She recently joined the NHS England Quality and Safety G Teaching Faculty.

Dr Nicola Brathwaite

Nicola Brathwaite FRCPCH, FCPaed(SA) is a consultant paediatric allergist at Kings College Hospital, London, since 2005. She completed her paediatric and allergy training in South Africa. She is a former editor of BSACI Allergy Update and former BSACI council member and chair of the BSACI Communications committee and a current member of the BSACI Standards of Care Committee. She represented the RCPCH on the NICE Pharmalgen Venom Immunotherapy technology appraisal and was the lead for the Latex allergy pathway in the RCPCH Allergy Pathways project. She has an interest in clinical education and leads the Respiratory and Allergy module of the KCL Advanced Paediatrics MSc and is College Tutor for Paediatrics at Kings.

Dr Tina Dixon 

Tina Dixon has been a Consultant allergist at the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital since 1987 with a particular interest in Immunotherapy and General Anaesthetic Allergy. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Member of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology and of the European Academy for Allergy and Clinical Immunology. As a founder member of the North West Allergy Network and former Chair of the adult group she is still an active member of both the adult and paediatric allergy working groups. Tina Dixon is the Local Senate Area representative for Merseyside and Cheshire on the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Clinical Reference Group for NHS England and she is also a member of the Specialist Advisory Committee of the RCP for Allergy and Clinical Immunology. She still also does 5 clinics a week, sometimes 6. She has been a member of the Standard of Care Committee of the BSACI for over 10 years and is delighted to say that she still learns at least as much as she contributes.    

Professor Stephen Durham

Stephen Durham is Head of the Section of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College and Royal Brompton Hospital London. He is current President of the British Society of Allergy and Clinical immunology and a member of the Allergy Panel of the Steering Committee of the Immune Tolerance network, USA. His clinical and research interests include difficult asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergen immunotherapy and the regulation of IgE in tissues.


Dr Pamela Ewan

Pam Ewan is a consultant Allergist at Addenbrookes Hospital, University of Cambridge Clinical School and set up the Cambridge allergy service. Before this she was Senior Lecturer, Hon Consultant and head of the Allergy Department at St Mary's  Hospital, London. She is interested in all aspects of clinical allergy. Her research in nut allergy, anaphylaxis and venom allergy has led to improvements in patient care. More recently, with Andrew Clark, she has developed a programme or oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy. In various national roles she worked to highlight the need to improve NHS allergy services, for which she was awarded the CBE. She is chair of the National Allergy Strategy Group and a past President of the BSACI.

Dr Sophie Farooque

Sophie Farooque was the first National Trainee in Allergy and completed her specialist training in allergy at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust in 2006.  At the end of her training she was awarded a Clinical Research Fellowship by the MRC to read for a PhD in the mechanisms of Aspirin-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease at King’s College London.  In 2008, she was runner-up in the MRC Max Perutz essay competition and her article describing aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease “The Cold That Never Goes Away” was published in the Guardian and in 2010 she received an international travel scholarship by the AAAAI to present her research.  She started work as Clinical Lead in Adult Allergy at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in May 2010.  Her clinical interests include drug allergy, the diagnosis and investigation of anaphylaxis, allergen immunotherapy and nasal polyposis and aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease.  She is a long-standing member of the BSACI’s Standards of Care Committee and is a member of the BSACI Council.  Since commencing at St Mary’s Hospital, Sophie has focused on developing the drug allergy and immunotherapy services.  In 2010, she also produced a docu-film celebrating the life of Dr Bill Frankland, the “grandfather” of UK allergy who worked at St Mary’s until his retirement and after whom the allergy clinic at St Mary’s Hospital is named.  

Dr Rubaiyat Haque

Rubaiyat Haque is a Consultant Allergist at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital. He studied medicine at Cambridge University followed by clinical training at Barts and The London. He returned to Cambridge for specialist training in allergy before taking up his current consultant post. His main clinical interest is drug allergy and his drug allergy service is the largest of its kind in the UK.  In addition to his role on the Standards of Care Committee, he sits on the BSACI Council, Allergy and Immunology Clinical Reference Group, IQAS (Improving Quality in Allergy Services) Steering Group and is a Regional Specialty Advisor to the Royal College of Physicians.

Dr M. Thirumala Krishna

Thirumala Krishna (TK) is lead physician for National Audits and has carried out major projects for Standards of Care Committee including audits on diagnosis and management of hymenoptera venom allergy, beta-lactam allergy and survey of practice and safety of allergen-specific immunotherapy in allergic rhinitis.  He is lead author of BSACI guidelines for hymenoptera venom allergy and has co-authored guidelines on beta-lactam allergy and allergen specific immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis.  His main clinical and research interests include characterisation and risk factors for anaphylaxis, hymenoptera venom allergy, safety aspects of allergen-specific immunotherapy, drug allergy and innovation of new cost-effective methods of provision of allergy services in UK. He has published several papers in peer reviewed journals, contributed to book chapters and served as sole editor for a text book on Anaphylaxis. He has represented BSACI and RCP for Multiple Technology Appraisal for NICE on Venom Immunotherapy and is a co-opted member for NICE drug allergy guideline development group.

He is member of national Clinical Reference Group for specialised services in Immunology and Allergy and will be taking over in 2014 as Chair of National Allergy Services Accreditation Programme.  He is lead Physician for Allergy service in Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust and Training Programme Director and Chair of Specialist Training Committee for Immunology and Allergy in West Midlands Deanery. He is Honorary Senior Lecturer in University of Birmingham and Honorary Fellow in University of Warwick and is actively engaged in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and training.

Dr Susan Leech

Susan Leech is clinical lead for the paediatric allergy service at Kings College Hospital, London. She joined the BSACI in 1999 after completing an MSc in medical immunology.  As a member of the BSACI Standards of Care Committee, she has co-authored guidelines on Immunotherapy, Venom allergy, Rhinitis, Egg allergy, Beta lactam allergy and Urticaria. She was a board member of the RCPCH Allergy care pathways and chaired the production of the Urticaria and angioedema pathway. She chairs the BSACI Paediatric group and has been involved in the development of service standards for paediatric allergy in secondary and tertiary care. She chairs the paediatric allergy specialist services commissioning group and is committed to developing allergy services across the country. She represented allergy on the Clinical Expert panel for Paediatric Pathology Modernisation for NHS London. Previously allergy advisor on the RCPCH Specialist Committee for Allergy, immunology and infection, she was involved in the development of the paediatric allergy training syllabus and competences. She is currently the UK delegate to the European Training Committee on Paediatric allergology. 

Dr David Luyt

David Luyt is a consultant paediatrician in Leicester.  He completed his undergraduate medical and postgraduate paediatric studies at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.  After qualifying as a paediatrician he undertook a research fellowship in Leicester from which he obtained a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Leicester for his thesis entitled ‘The prevalence and nature of wheeze in pre-school children: a questionnaire survey’.  

He is the lead consultant in the Children’s Allergy Service in Leicester.  Since his appointment in 1996, he has been instrumental in expanding and further developing the allergy service to provide food challenge and subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy programmes; and with dietetic colleagues in providing the first milk and egg oral tolerance induction programmes in the UK.  He also runs a paediatric sleep disordered breathing service and is a consultant in his institution’s paediatric high dependency and respiratory ward.

David Luyt was the lead author in the development of the BSACI milk allergy guidelines.  He became a member of the SOCC in 2013.

Dr Rita Mirakian

Rita Mirakian is a consultant in allergy at the Addenbrookes' University Hospital (part time) and an Honorary Consultant at the Royal National Throat Nose Ear Hospital/UCLH. She is one of the early members of the SOCC and her main interests relate to the field of drug allergy and rhinology.

She has contributed to the preparation of several national guidelines for the managment of allergic conditions and is the lead author of the BSACI guideline on the 'management of drug allergy'. She is currently leading on the preparation of the Guideline for the 'management of allergy to beta lactam''. Her main interest in rhinology is on the management of 'Aspirin Exacerbated Airways disease'. She is presently contributing to the development of  reproducible intranasal Lysine Aspirin challenge protocols to test affected patients. She has also contributed to the first edition of the management of rhinitis and rhinosinusitis guidelines and is presently contributing to the revision of the second edition of the guideline on allergic and non allergic rhinitis.

In addition Rita Mirakian has teaching committments; in particular as one of the teachers in the annual BSc course on Immunology, Autoimmity and Transplantation at UCL and as teacher in the annual MSc course in Allergy at Imperial College.

Dr Shuaib Nasser

Shuaib Nasser is a Consultant in Allergy and Asthma at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He trained in medicine, respiratory medicine and allergy in both London and Cambridge. His clinical and research interests are in asthma, drug allergy and immunotherapy. His work on thunderstorm asthma, drug allergy and asthma deaths have improved patient care and led to a DH funded national enquiry into asthma deaths. He has worked in a number of roles to improve the delivery of allergy care and reduce variability in standards. He set up and chaired the BSACI Standards of Care Committee until 2012 leading to the publication of national Allergy guidelines. He was a member of the Resuscitation Council Working Group that published guidelines on the management of anaphylaxis. He sits on the Royal College of Physicians National Review of Asthma Deaths Steering Group and chairs the NICE Drug Allergy Guideline. In 2011 he was awarded the William Frankland BSACI award for outstanding services to Allergy. In 2014 Shuaib Nasser has became President Elect of the BSACI.

Prof Richard Powell

Emeritus Professor of Clinical Immunology and Allergy - Nottingham University

Richard Powell was Professor of Clinical Immunology and Allergy at Nottingham University Hospitals, Queens Medical Centre until 2007. Since 2008, he has worked predominantly in the private sector but continues to pursue his research interests at Nottingham University related to autoinflammatory diseases.  He has been a member of SOCC since its inception and has taken the lead in the development of urticaria and angioedema guidelines.  

Prof Helen Smith

Professor of Primary Care, Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Helen Smith is a graduate of Nottingham University with epidemiology and health services research training from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of British Columbia.  She has dual accreditation in general practice and public health medicine and has experience of working in academic, hospital and general practice settings both in the UK and Canada.  

Dr Stephen Till

Stephen Till has been a HEFCE Clinical Senior Lecturer Award holder at King’s College London and Consultant Allergist (Adults) at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospitals since 2011. After studying for a science degree at Oxford, he completed his PhD in Allergy at Barry Kay’s lab and then graduated in medicine as a postgraduate (UCL). This long path eventually led to specialty training in Allergy at the Royal Brompton Hospital (2006-11), where he held a Clinician Scientist Fellowship from The Health Foundation and Academy of Medical Sciences and received the biennial 2009 World Allergy Organisation Henning Lowenstein Award for allergy research. His current research interests include the immune responses to grass pollen allergens and the effects of immunotherapy, as well respiratory mucosal T cell responses and more recently food allergy. He is Chief Investigator of the PollenLITE clinical trial (Pollen Low dose Intradermal Therapy Evaluation), funded by the MRC and NIHR under the Efficacy & Mechanism Evaluation Programme, and co-investigator on a NIH-funded 4 year project investigating the immunological responses to sublingual and injection immunotherapy using Class II tetramers in collaboration with Professor Stephen Durham at Imperial College London. 


The work undertaken by the SOCC, the guideline group members and the lay person(s) is on an honorary basis although expenses to attend meetings are funded by the Society. The Society does not seek external funding for the production of its guidelines. 

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