Adult Allergy Group

The role of BSACI Adult Allergy Group (AAG) is to provide a focus for issues relating to adult allergy services, education and research as part of the Society’s overarching mission to improve the care of patients with allergies. The group was established to provide a forum for discussion and promote the following objectives:

Allergy Services

  • To support the development of allergy networks (hub and spoke models etc)
  • To work with PAG to develop and establish transitional allergy services for adolescents with allergy.
  • To contribute to discussions about the IQAS programme.
  • To support allergists in the implementation of specialist commissioning at a local and national level.


Protocol development

  • To support the development of care pathways for common conditions seen in the adult allergy clinic.
  • To propose topics for the development of protocols and guidelines (via SOCC) and to engage in the development of guidance and SOPs, where needed.
  • To work with Food Allergy & Intolerance Group of the British Dietetic Association to discuss position statements, diet/advice sheets and food challenge protocols focussed on adult food allergy and intolerance.


Audit & Research

  • Forum for Audit & Research within adult allergy.


Training & Education

  • To support trainees and workforce planning in order to develop NHS allergy services with equity of access for patients across the country.
  • To work with the Clinical Immunology Committee and Allergy SACs for training programmes

Adult Allergy Terms of Reference and Chairperson job description 

Chairperson Job desccription 

Terms of Reference 



BSACI Statement on the MHRA Guidance 10.12.2020

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