Paediatric Allergy Committee

Dr Paul Turner – Chair of the Paediatric Allergy Committee

The Paediatric Allergy Committee was formed in July 2004. It is multidisciplinary and open to all BSACI members who share an active interest in the field of paediatric allergy. All healthcare professionals are invited to join. An open meeting is held once a year at the BSACI Annual Conference.


Aim-The aim of the Committee is to improve the care of children with allergies and to promote the development and practice of paediatric allergy.

Members are actively involved in the clinical care of children as well as in research and development of new methods of investigation and treatment of allergic disease. The Committee works with the RCPCH to develop subspecialty training posts and supports the development of new consultant posts in paediatric allergy. Encouraging trainees to proceed in this field is a crucial function of the group. We support a network of regional paediatric allergy interest groups. Members have represented paediatric allergy on the development of NICE guidelines for the management of eczema, food allergy, anaphylaxis and the Health Technology Assessments for Pharmalgen and Omalizumab. Members input into BSACI guideline development through the Standards of Care Committee and help with the programme at the annual conference. We are working towards improving services for adolescents with allergy, improving the transition to adult services and developing a national audit of the use of immunotherapy in children with asthma. We have developed standards for paediatric allergy services (click to download)

Recent projects

  • Paediatric Allergy Services Survey – all trusts in the UK were sent a brief questionnaire establishing whether they provided paediatric allergy services. This was done as a Freedom of Information request, the result being that a response was received from every single trust in the UK. The great majority of these were providing paediatric allergy services and will be sent a more comprehensive questionnaire. To view a copy of the survey, please click here
  • Allergy Action Plans for children (Click to find out more and download plans) 

Following the 2006 Department of health review of allergy services, the RCPCH Research Division was commissioned to define care pathways for children with allergic symptoms. The care pathways have been developed to describe the optimal care for children with allergies and be found here.


This is an informal discussion group where clinical cases and issues relating to allergy service management are discussed.
If you would like to join the group, please e.mail the moderator Dr Diab Haddad on stating the following;

1.    Job title and location
2.    Postal address
3.    Relationship to paediatric allergy


The committee comprises:

Role Designation First Name Surname
Chair Dr Paul Turner
Secretary Dr Kate Swan
CSAC: Chair Dr Kate Swan
Allergy training advisor Dr Sian Ludman
Assessment advisor Dr Quiza Zolkipli
Trainee Rep Dr Liz Powell
BPAIIG Rep Dr Maeve Kelleher
Secondary Care Dr Nick Makwana
Adolescent services & transition Dr Claudia Gore
BSACI Adult Allergy Group Dr Andrew Whyte
BSACI Allergy Update Dr Erika Harnik
PAG e.groug, Twitter group Dr George Du Toit
Academic reps Prof Graham Roberts
Academic reps Dr Paul Turner
Anaphylaxis deaths registry Dr Vibha Sharma
Nursing rep Alyson Barber
Dr Deb Marriage
Lynette Charles
Dietetic rep Rosalynd Gourgey
Mary Feeney
Dietetic rep (email only) Ms Rosan Meyer
SOCC Dr David Luyt
SOCC Dr Susan Leech
RCPCH Dr Nic Jay
BSACI Annual Conference Dr Nandinee Patel
EAACI Paediatric section Dr Helen Brough
ETC Paediatric allergology Dr Susan Leech
Training Centres
St Mary’s Dr Claudia Gore
Southampton Dr Stephanie Cross
GSTT Dr Helen Brough
Newcastle Professor Gillian Vance
Cambridge Dr Quiza Zolkipli
Leicester Dr Gary Stiefel
Manchester Dr Vibha Sharma
Sheffield Dr Nicola Jay
Sheffield Ellie Minshall
Exeter Dr Sian Ludman
Kings, London Dr Nicola Brathwaite
Watford Dr Deepan Vyas
Bristol Dr Deb Marriage
Royal London Dr Antony Aston
St Georges, London Dr Michael Perkin
Birmingham Dr Nick Makwana
Dublin Dr Maeve Kelleher
Glasgow Dr George Raptis
Leeds Dr Donald Hodge
Cardiff Dr David Tuthill
Ashford & St Peters Dr Ruth Mew
UCL Dr Leanne Goh
Northern Ireland Dr Jenny Hughes

Committee Governance 

BSACI Terms of Reference (ToR) define the purpose and structure of each BSACI committee. It outlines how we appoint committee members and chairs of which a job description for the chair is below.

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Paediatric Allergy Committee Terms of Reference

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Paediatric Allergy Chair Job Description

Committee Members Declarations of interests are available on request.


Funding to minimize future deaths from Anaphylaxis

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