Who we are

Matt Doyle – Chair

Dr Doyle FRCP FRCGP is a full time GP in Jersey and has worked in the UK and overseas. He joined the BSACI and EAACI in 2010 after studying Allergy at Imperial College and St Mary’s Hospital in London and completing a Certificate of Advanced Study in Allergic Medicine. He was a member of the NICE Guideline Development Groups for Anaphylaxis and Drug Allergy. He has written on Allergy guidelines for publications aimed at General Practice and has been involved in developing commissioning guidance for the RCGP and RCR. He is an Expert Resource in Allergy for the Clinical Innovation and Research Unit at the RCGP and is committed to exploring ways in which Primary Care can better provide for patients with Allergic disease.



Joanne Walsh

Jo is a part- time GP in Norfolk. Having qualified from The University of Manchester, she worked in several paediatric posts in the North of England before commencing her GP training in East Anglia. She has always incorporated her interest in Paediatrics into her daily practice and now combines this with her interest in allergy. She was involved in the food allergy aspect of the RCPCH paediatric allergy pathway project and also with the NICE guideline on Diagnosis and Assessment of Food Allergy in Children. She also holds an associate tutor post at The University of East Anglia, involved in teaching undergraduate medical students.


Liz Angier

Liz is a portfolio GP. She is currently Clinical Director for Primary Care at a Clinical Commissioning Group in Hampshire. She has spent twelve years working in an adult allergy tertiary centre in Sheffield and now works across the community in primary care and hospital with an interest in research, policy, health systems and quality improvement. She is a previous chair of the BSACI primary care group and the EAACI primary care and allied health interest group. She has worked on national programmes with NHS England such as the New Care Models and with National Quality Improvement teams. She is a member of the BSACI SOCC committee, is also involved with EAACI guidelines and works closely with patient charities. She has a particular interest in anaphylaxis and adolescents. She did her MSc in allergy at Southampton with her dissertation on self-management in allergy and asthma in adolescents. She has lectured widely nationally and internationally and been involved in designing allergy education  for many years trying to improve allergy care in the community.


Trevor Brown

Trevor began his medical career as a Principal in General Practice. He then retrained to, in turn, become a general paediatrician, a paediatrician with an interest in asthma, a paediatrician with an interest in allergy and now over the past 7 years a paediatic allergist. All these paediatric posts have been at the same large secondary care level DGH teaching hospital in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is not a tertiary level paediatric allergist. You could say that his personal ‘allergy march’ has in the timing of it, simply been following the ‘allergy epidemic’ that the children in the community which his hospital serves have been experiencing over these past several decades. He has recently been a member of the working groups developing National Care Pathways for children with atopic eczema, allergic rhinitis, asthma and food allergy. Most recently he has been a member of both the NICE Food Allergy and the NICE Anaphylaxis Guideline Development Groups. His main clinical interest is in food allergy, particularly cow’s milk allergy and his main service interest is in developing educational initiatives and tools for the better understanding of childhood allergy syndromes in primary care.


Sue Clarke

Sue is the Clinical Lead for Allergy and Paediatric Respiratory at Education for Health in Warwick. She also works part-time in Essex as a Health Visitor. Sue has also worked as a Practice nurse utilising her asthma/allergy skills and as a School Nurse and District Nurse in the past. She is the Nurse Advisor to the Anaphylaxis Campaign and wrote their AllergyWise training programmes for school nurses and trainers, families, carers and individuals and the new training course for GPs and practice nurses available in 2012.Sue was involved in the Resuscitation Council Guidelines on Anaphylaxis in 2008, the NICE guidelines on food allergy in children (CG116) and NICE guidelines on Anaphylaxis (CG134) published in 2011.


Dermot Ryan

Dermot Ryan is a GP in Loughborough with a long term interest in Allergy. Like most GP’s he has had no formal allergy training but is concerned at the lack of structured care available to patients in the UK. He participated in the Royal College of Physician’s Allergy the Unmet need Working party in 2003 and in The IPCRG and BSACI guidelines on Allergic Rhinitis. He is the Allergy lead for both PCRS and IPCRG and is currently working within the EAACI primary care allergy task force.


Lisa Waddell

Lisa qualified as a dietitian in 1989 and was awarded her PhD on nutrition in children with chronic renal insufficiency in 2002.  She moved into the community in 2001 and has since specialised in food allergy, particularly relating to recognition and diagnosis of allergy.  Lisa has jointly produced the document ‘Guidance on the management of lactose intolerance and cow’s milk protein allergy and the prescription of specialised infant formula’ for Nottinghamshire Area Prescribing Committee.  She was a member of the NICE food allergy guidelines group (2010), a member of the RCPCH food allergy care pathway working group (2010) and was awarded the Education for Health Allergy degree module in 2011.


Mandy East

Mandy East is the Parliamentary Officer for the National Allergy Strategy Group coordinating their work to improve NHS allergy services. She also runs the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Allergy working with interested MPs and Peers and leading the lobbying campaign.

Mandy has worked in allergy for nearly 20 years and has been involved in a number of major projects and campaigns such as the work to allow schools to hold a spare adrenaline injector for use in emergencies and the successful campaign to place a statutory duty on schools to support children with health conditions. She has been on the committee for all the NICE guidelines: food allergy in children; anaphylaxis and drug allergy and was also part of the working group creating the Quality Standards as well as the RCPCH Care Pathways project.


Jackie Gaventa

Jackie is a Health Visitor, Team Leader and Practice Teacher. She was awarded Fellow of The Institute of Health Visiting in 2015 for outstanding leadership and contribution to the profession.

Jackie has worked across North London as a Health Visitor for more than 30 years, supporting children and families in different communities. She has a wealth of
experience in public health, child development and safeguarding.

Jackie is currently based in Whittington Health – Haringey, where she is leading on Health Visitor Prescribing and Managing Minor Ailments in children as part of the roll out of the Healthy Child Programme.

Jackie has a special interest in the early identification of allergic disease in infants, signposting for assessment in allergy clinic, and supporting children and their families before and after diagnosis. Jackie has recently worked with colleagues across primary and secondary care to develop local Community Allergy Clinics.

Jackie also represents Primary Care on the Nurses in Allergy Committee.


Helen Howells

BM Honours DCH DRCOG DFSRH DOHNS nMRCGP (2015) MSc Allergy with Honour
GP With Extended Role in Paediatric Allergy

Dr Howells qualified from Southampton University in 2005. After rotating through several hospital posts, she undertook GP training and completed this in 2015. She is a portfolio GP working for the Bournemouth GP Urgent Treatment Centre  and as a visiting GP for several local surgeries.

Helen became interested in allergy due to her own experiences of managing a child with milk and nut allergies. As a result, she commenced the MSc in Allergy at Southampton University and completed her studies almost two years ago.

Helen has been working with the paediatric allergy team at the University Hospital of Southampton for the last four years. She spends a great deal of her free time running allergy education sessions for primary care staff and is an honorary lecturer at Southampton University.



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