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Primary Care Allergy Training Days

In 2011 the BSACI set up a programme of educational meetings to encourage dialogue between primary care workers and their local allergy specialists. The programme has supported many meetings all over the UK, from which the feedback has been universally positive.

The meeting’s aim is to highlight common allergy presentations with case-based discussions. The days could also cover issues such as what can be dealt with within primary care, referral pathways and how local allergy clinics work. This has led to better communication and awareness of local and national resources.

Please see below a testimonial by a course organiser to get a better idea of what’s involved. We are generously supported by three sponsors who enable us to provide a bursary to fund these training days. If you are a BSACI member and wish to organise a training day, you can apply for a grant of up to £3000 for a face to face meeting, please email [email protected] for more information. Please note that a minimum of 3 months notice is required in order that the necessary application process can be completed. To download an application form please View Here

If you are a primary care professional and would like to register your interest in allergy, please contact us by emailing [email protected].

BSACI has been very supportive to host ‘primary care paediatric allergy study days’. We have organised two successful study days in 2017 for our motivated Primary care colleagues including GPs and Nurse practitioners in Hertfordshire. We have had excellent attendance, it generated some very good discussions and feedback has been very encouraging. Our primary care providers have definitely benefited from these study days and that is reflective in the referrals letters and their understanding and management of allergies in children has improved as reflected by a post-study day questionnaire that were sent out to the attendees.


Dr Farrukh Sheikh
Course organiser
Paediatrician with allergy interest
East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Date Venue Centre Facilitator Curriculum Programme
06 March 2024 Arafa Education Centre, Alexandra Hospital, Redditch, Worcs, B98 7UB Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Dr Tom Dawson Work-up to Aeroallergen Immunotherapy
Virtual Milk Clinics
Allergy and the Skin
Adrenaline for Food Allergy/Peanut Immunotherapy
Milk Taster and Device Techniques
SMART Therapy
The Environment and Asthma
29 April 2024 Post Graduate Medical Centre
Derriford Hospital Plymouth PL6 8BT
Royal Devon University Healthcare Foundation Trust Dr Sian Ludman
Dr Yahya Mubasher
Dr Mala Raman
Children’s Allergy Study Days View Here
22 May 2024 RILD Building
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital
Barrick Road EX2 5DW
Royal Devon University Healthcare Foundation Trust Dr Sian Ludman
Dr Yahya Mubasher
Dr Mala Raman
Children’s Allergy Study Days View Here
10 July 2024 King’s Mill Education Centre
Lecture Theatre 1
Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Dr Anand Srivastava Allergy Allsorts- Training Day for Primary Care VIEW HERE
TBC F2F TBC Allergy Centre (F10), Wythenshawe Hospital, MFT, Manchester
On behalf of the NWACIN – North West Allergy and Clinical Immunology Network
Dr Susana Marinho Dealing with Allergies in Primary Care – cases, management and referral pathways, do’s and don’ts


Project Manager for National Allergy Strategy

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